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About Astroneer Modding

This site is not affiliated with System Era in any way and is exclusively community-run.

Also Astroneer has no official mod support and everything is community-built.

How to install Mods

To install mods download the Modloader from GitHub and run it. You might have to enter some paths to your game install and to where your saves files are stored.

Then simply drag and drop the .pak file that you downloaded onto the window. It should be installed in a few seconds. To start the game just click Play. That will ensure installation is complete.

How to manage what Mods are installed

To enable or disable mods click the checkbox to the left of the mod entry in the Modloader window. Your installation will automatically be updated in a few seconds.

To load a different version of a mod click the dropdown with the version number. To ensure you are always playing with the latest version just select "Latest". That way, whenever the mod author releases a new version your mod will be automatically updated after you open the Modloader. (That's why you should prefer starting the game using the Modloader instead of directly through Steam/Microsoft store).

You can also select older mod versions using the dropdown.

Note: A mod might not support automatic updating or simply downloading older versions. You can ask the mod author to add it. All mods on have automaic updating functionality automatically added without extra work for the mod author.

Need help?

You can get help at the Astroneer Modding Discord.

How do I make mods?

Checkout the Modding Documentation or Astroneer Modding Discord.

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